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janes for josh's Journal

16th December, 2006. 7:46 pm. Ello, Ello(vertedeneon)

Hi I am A josh and I think this is a grand group

27th July, 2005. 2:16 am.(imbadarrestme)


the end.

16th April, 2005. 10:05 pm.(justjoshinyou)

Sorry about your brake up. Not all Joshes are bad. I hate the ones that get us labeled wrong....

Josh aka theGOODjosh

11th April, 2005. 9:02 am.(chelsea_101_)

Well, I just broke up with a Josh and I guess all joshs are assholes (or most of them!).

1st August, 2004. 10:57 am.(justjoshinyou)

Josh here- I came across this community a few days ago. I am speaking for all good Joshs everywhere. There are good ones out there. Keep looking!!!!

<3 josh

12th October, 2001. 8:26 pm.(lilmayanpilot)

Holy shit.... whoever started this community is my new savior.... i can't even believe i found it. Just tonight i was played UNBELIEVABLY by a josh, one that i thought i knew and deeply loved. I was looking for people in somewhat the same situation, and lo and behold, not only is there a community for people in my position, but it's exclusively for anyone who's been fucked over by a JOSH. That is just too coincidental.Truly unreal. Anyway, i dont know how active this community is but the fact that it exists brightens up my night just a little bit.

I also currently have a crush on another Josh, one that would treat me so much better. Something about the name, i swear to god.